Birth Sign: Capricorn

Birthday: January 7

Derby Anniversary: November 2007

Where and when did you receive your training?

Gary Manuel Aveda Institute, class of 2008

What advanced education have you taken?

Bumble & Bumble University – Styling I and II, Curl Cutting, Razor Cutting, Curl/Iron Artistry, Salon Business Essentials & Beyond. Design Workshop I and II, Leadership: Know Your Strength. DEVA Curl Cutting. Color Expert Schwartzkopf, Psycosmetology, Brazilian Blowout, Sam Villa Cutting.

What are your favorite services to provide at Derby?

Transformational cuts and multi-dimensional color.

When you’re not at Derby, what do you like to do?

Hang with my kitties. Try not to kill my plants. Read. And think about how I should be working out or doing yoga 😉